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The property in Kaminokae has been reduced in price!

Hello! This is Nakatosa real estate staff.

Since the second-hand property (single-story) that we deal with has been reduced in price, we are excited to introduce it to you!

The property number is B001 above.

This property is a one-story house with a garden, but it was built in 2011 and is 12 years old this year!

Newly built! ! !

This is a property where you can see the landlord's attention to detail, and all the fittings are made of wood!

*Currently, the landlord lives in the house and has a lot of luggage, but they will clean it up as soon as it sells.

 The property will not be vacant for a period.

Basically, it is a Japanese-style facility, but all the water places are modern.

The kitchen is a system kitchen with a dishwasher and IH.

The bath is a unit bath with a window that is easy to clean.

The toilet has a mini wash basin and is tankless!

Also, since there is no sewage system in this area, there are a lot of simple faucets and septic tanks, so we can use the faucets! !

Wouldn't it be nice to have a couple or a family of three? ? I think.

Enveloped in the warmth of wood, you can live a very calm life!

Click here for details! !


Please consider it^^

Click here for other properties.


That's all for the price reduction of the property in Kaminokae !


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