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中土佐町 地区情報

Population 4,201. A traditional fisherman's town, a bonito fishing town, and the center of Nakatosa town. There are government offices, supermarkets, convenience stores, etc. It is also famous as a tourist destination such as Kure Taishomachi Market and Kuroshio Honjin. There is also Nakatosa IC on Kochi Expressway and Tosa-Kure Station on JR Shikoku, so it has good transportation access. It takes about 1 hour to Kochi city and about 15 minutes to Susaki city by car. Nakatosa Real Estate is also in this area.

kure temple.JPG.jpg

Parenting / education

Kure nursery school (124 children)

Kure Elementary School (167 children)

Kure Junior High School (95 students)

medical care

Kirari Dental Clinic

Nakatosa Hospital

Clinic Tosa Kure

Tourism / Entertainment

Roadside Station Nakatosa

Municipal Museum of Art

Nishioka Brewery

Futana Island

Ohnohama (surf point)

Kuroshio Honjin

Kure Taishomachi Market


Population 1,097. A natural area with abundant greenery where the Shimanto River flows. Also known as rice, agriculture is flourishing. You can enjoy the nature of the four seasons, from cherry blossoms in spring, fireflies and river play in summer, colored leaves in autumn to snowy scenery in winter. Since there are few restaurants and shops, it is necessary to go to the Kure district or Shimanto-cho Kubokawa district, which is about 30 minutes by car, and Susaki city, which is about 45 minutes, for daily shopping and eating out. Mountainous area with an altitude of 300 m or more.


Parenting / education

Onomi Nursery School (20 children) Onomi Elementary School (34 children) Onomi Junior High School (19 students)

medical care

Nakatosa Municipal Onomi Clinic

Tourism / Entertainment

Subsidence bridge

Shimanto Genryu no Sato

Tenmangumae Campground

Island river valley


Population 1,018. In 1957, it merged with Kure Town and became Nakatosa Town. Mainly fishing, longline fishing, single-line fishing, and Chotaro shellfish farming are also carried out. There are also local supermarkets, retail stores, coffee shops, branch offices, JA and post offices. About 10 minutes by car to the Kure area. In the 3rd year of Reiwa, the junior high school was integrated into the Kure district.


Parenting / education

Kaminokae Nursery School (17 children) Kaminokae Elementary School (27 children)

medical care

Nakatosa Municipal Kaminokae Clinic

Kaminokae Clinic

Tourism / Entertainment

Kaminokae fishing experience facility


Kokusafureai Park

Park golf course


Population 209. A small small fishing village. There are no shops or schools, so you need a car. 20 minutes to Kure district, 30 minutes to Susaki city, 10 minutes to Shiwa in neighboring Shimanto town. As the elderly age, they live very quietly and leisurely. A district on a scale where all the residents are acquainted with each other. Mobile sales come twice a week. Twice a month, a local female team opens a place to offer a morning set.


Tourism / Entertainment

Yaiga Sightseeing Fishing Raft

Riders Inn Nakatosa

Fishing boat Kaito

Guest House Oyamadori

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