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Nakatosa Town Fan Event in Tokyo will be held! !

If you are a fan of Nakatosa Town living in the Kanto region, if you are from Nakatosa Town, or if you are from Kochi Prefecture, why not talk about Nakatosa Town while eating and drinking delicious Nakatosa Town food in Tokyo?

The location is Sake Bar in Jimbocho “Mr. Happy.

Chef Yoshimura, who is from Kure, prepares delicious dishes using ingredients from Nakatosa Town!

We will also bring bonito from Tosakure!

Of course, we also offer local sake ``Kure'' from Nakatosa-cho, ``Kure'' and ``Rokkori'', a doburoku from Onomi.

And Mayor Ikeda also participated! You can also try the bonito dishes prepared by the mayor, a former chef!

The guest was Sakiko Nakazato of Nakazato Natural Farm, which makes bonito compost from Kure bonito, grows vegetables with it, and delivers it to restaurants in Tokyo.

・Sakiko Nakazato[Nakazato Natural Farm]
Born in Hyogo Prefecture, got a job in Kanagawa Prefecture, then moved to Aki City in the eastern part of Kochi Prefecture. After that, she met her husband and moved to Nakatosa Town in 2018 when they got married. The couple runs an organic farm called Nakazato Natural Farm.

My name is Shohei Matsushita, a protein prince from Nippon Sport Science University who established Matsushita Shoten in Onomi and raises and sells turkeys.

・Shohei Matsushita [Matsushita Shoten Representative]
Mr. Matsushita is affectionately known as the "Protein Prince." In 2017, he moved from Osaka to Nakatosa Town as part of a regional revitalization cooperation team with the aim of inheriting the domestic turkey production business produced in Onomi. After learning about turkey production for three years, he founded Matsushita Shoten in April 2020.

Use this event to gather people who want to make a U-turn or I-turn, those who want to support the town, and those who are from the area, and deepen communication over food.

On the day of the event, there will be a talk about the life in the town by Mayor Ikeda of Nakatosa Town and guests, and we will have a great time together!

◆Event details

  • Date and time: November 11th (Sat) 12:00-14:00 (Registration starts from 11:30)

  • Venue:Mr.Happy [Address] Comfort K Building 1F, 1-4-4 Kanda Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

  • Participation fee: 4,500 yen (tax included) Standing/buffet style

  • Number of participants: first 30 people

  • *Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and will be closed as soon as the capacity (30 people) is reached, so if you wish to participate, please apply as soon as possible.

◆Time scheduleDoors open from 11:3011:45~Reception12:00~Opening greetings12:20 ~ Chat and meal start12:40~Guest talk13:00~Free time14:00 ~ Closing greetings◆Meals on the day (subject to change due to schedule and ingredients)・Sashimi of bonito, Tataki, Turkey fishball soup, Salt-grilled haranbo, Tomato bruschetta, Sake, Doburoku, etc.◆Recommended for these people・Those who want to move to Nakatosa Town.・People from Nakatosa Town who are considering making a U-turn someday.・Those who love Nakatosa Town.・People from Kochi Prefecture are also welcome.◆Event sponsored by Nakatosa Town Town Development Department

*Planning and operation is entrusted to Nakatosa Real Estate.

Contact us (Nakatosa Real Estate) Telephone 0889-59-1688

◆Precautions when participating in events▶︎Drinking and driving and drinking alcohol for those under 20 years of age are prohibited by law. Those arriving by car, motorcycle (including passengers), those driving bicycles, minors, and those with children are not allowed to be present or participate.▶︎Events may be canceled due to unavoidable circumstances such as typhoons or other inclement weather or natural disasters.▶︎Photographed by the organizerThe secretariat and media will be taking photos and videos inside the venue. Everyone in the venue may be reflected in the image.Please note that these may be exposed/posted in advertising materials after the event by the secretariat, or on TV, newspapers, magazines, websites, etc. by reporting media.▶︎About cancellationIf it becomes necessary to cancel, we will accept the cancellation procedure if we receive your request by 17:00 on Thursday, November 2nd. Cancellations made after that time will not be refunded.


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