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Seiichi TANAKA





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From: Tokyo. Date of migration: April 2019. Current address: Kure. Occupation: Regional development cooperation team (Kure Fisheries Cooperative)


>> Profile

He came to Kochi because he wanted to live away from the noisy city. He came to this town and knew the deliciousness of skipjack! Really delicious! He enjoys Kochi by actively participating in interesting study sessions that he is interested in.

>> What made you decide to move?

I met Mr. Komatsu, a staff member of Nakatosa Town Office, and decided to move. When I was wondering if I could work in fisheries in a rural area, I participated in the “join / migration / exchange & community promotion fair” held in Tokyo in January 2019. I went around the booths of other cities, towns and villages, but I was attracted to Mr. Komatsu's story and decided on Nakatosa Town. Komatsu had bright eyes! This is all (lol) I have a passion for surfing! It was fascinating to see him seriously working on something. Since Nakatosa town also had a job hunting for fisheries as a regional development cooperation team, I moved to Nakatosa town in April that year.


>> How about actually living?

 I used to think of "living in the countryside" as a leisurely image of having a field near my house, but in the Kure area where I live, the density of houses is high in the fishermen's town, and there are no fields... I never knew that I would live in a fisherman's town from that perspective, so I first came to know it once I moved. Instead, I have a kitchen garden on the balcony.

 It is convenient because there are supermarkets and convenience stores in the town. The distance from here to Kochi city is short (1 hour by car) and you can live a quiet life, but I think that there is no inconvenience because you can go to the lively urban area immediately.

 Since I moved under the system of "Regional Development Cooperation team", I had connections with the townspeople and the administration from the beginning, so I was able to get to know people in the shopping district and fishermen immediately. However, I feel that the countryside is beither good nor bad, but more of a "take it easy" stance. I think that it is necessary to tae the first step to meet and find "interesting people", and to improve the environment around you compared to the city.


>> Please give advice to those who are thinking of moving.

You should carefully think about how you want to live before you come to the countryside. But even if you think too much, you can't move, so it's fun to just jump in! Excessive expectations are forbidden, and I think that the degree of freedom is greater than in the city, but it is up to you to grasp it.
Here, there are jobs to do. If you look at the job from the perspective of an urban person, you might think "a part-time job?" However, it may be the ideal way of working in the countryside to do various small jobs.
Living here makes you feel that the relationships between the countrysides are constant, and I think it's good. Since there are many returns that are not just money, can I make it a property for myself? I think is important.

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