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From: Hyogo Prefecture. Date of migration: February 2018. Current address: Kure. Occupation: Agriculture.

>> What made you decide to move?

I love the sea and scuba diving, so I thought that "I would like to live in a countryside with the sea someday." However, I spent my days working late till late in the city. At such times, I sometimes went to Kochi to meet my friends when I was a student, and I felt like, "I feel like Kochi somehow." After that, I went to the Kochi Emigration Counseling Service in Tokyo and applied for a job that had happened to appear ... What a job! Two months after I applied for a job, I moved to Kochi! One and a half years later, I moved to Nakatosa town when I got married. The trigger started somehow and I quickly moved to Nakatosa Town.

>> How about actually living?

The best! !! People around me do really well. I sometimes say I came as a wife in the area where I live now, but the locals in my neighborhood welcomes me warmly. "Get used to it rather than learn it." I have no inconvenience and live a happy life.


>> Please give advice to those who are thinking of moving.

It is hard to compare or worry about where to move when you move. It is important to visit and enjoy the area. It's hard to be ideal, there is no 100% desired place to live I think. But if you decide even one point that you can't give up, you should be able to move smoothly. There may be some personality, but it's fun if you can relocate and find the best part of the area.

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