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Keiji KUDO





工藤圭司 (1)



From: Takamatsu Prefecture. Year of migration: 2016. Current address: Kure. Occupation: Skewers “Kushiyaki Ponyoshi” in Tanaka Sengyo-ten.


>> Profile


He fell in love with Kure's skipjack and decided to moved. At first, he was working in the town's community revitalization team, but he wanted to keep working in this town all the time, so he changed jobs. He has been working at Tanaka Fish Shop for about two years. He sells dried fish from 6 am to 10 am then sells skewers from 10 am on the Taishomachi market. In July 2018, Skewers “Kushiyaki Ponyoshi” started selling as a street vendor, and he is currently striving to expand the business every day!

>> What made you decide to move?

I couldn't eat bonito until a few years ago ... I happened to eat bonito from Kure's fresh fish shop and was so impressed by the deliciousness! There's such a delicious bonito! I want to let many people know about this bonito, and I want to work to be involved in Kure's bonito.


>> How about actually living?

It's very easy to live in. And the food is delicious! I used to live in the city because of my work, but from that time I feel like I am eating only delicious food. And more than anything else, the people are really kind.


>> Please give advice to those who are thinking of moving.

It is important to visit the place many times and to communicate with the people in the town. If the people of the town get to know you after a conversation, they will naturally reach out. Before moving, I think it is important to come to Nakatosa town many times and to meet the locals face to face.

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>> 移住を考えている方にアドバイスをお願いします。


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