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猫のおやつを作りたい一心で、東京から高知県へ単身移住してしまった主婦。 高知県の小さな港町「やいか」の地域おこし協力隊を経て、 猫のおやつで起業。「ヤイカファクトリー」を立ち上げ、町のおばあちゃん達と一緒に、高知の新鮮なお魚を使って猫のおやつ作りを行う。猫も人も幸せになる 社会を目指して奮闘中。

From: Born in Kyoto / Raised in Chiba Prefecture. Year of migration: 2017. Current address: Yaiga. Occupation: Manufacture and sale of cat snacks


>> Profile

A housewife who has just moved from Tokyo to Kochi prefecture to make cat snacks. After working as a local revitalization team in Yaiga, a small port town in Kochi Prefecture, started a business with cat snacks. She started "Yaika Factory" and made cat snacks using fresh fish from Kochi with grandmas in the town. They are struggling to create a society in which cats and people are happy.

>> What made you decide to move?

I decided to live by the sea and went to an immigration fair in Tokyo. The first time I visited Nakatosa town, I was moved by the brightness and friendly atmosphere of the people. The immigration counselor kindly guided me through the town, and when I went to the Yaiga district at the far end, I fell in love with the town. There was a beautiful sea next to it, and there were people who lived there.


>> How about actually living?

Of course the beauty of nature, but mostly thanks to the generosity and brightness of the people of Kochi, I live very freely. Also, I don't feel any inconvenience because I have internet for shopping and banks. There are sea and mountains, and there are fishermen and farmers in the neighborhood, so I eat only fresh and delicious food. There are a lot of bugs in the spring and summer, so I was scared at first, but now I'm used to it and I'm fine.


>> Please give advice to those who are thinking of moving.

I think that there are many attractive places all over the country, but the point to decide to live here is more about “relationship”, “timing”, and “inspiration” than conditions. Rather than worrying about permanent residence, first of all, if you live, you will be able to see the good points of the land.

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